June 19, 2013

The Ultimate Chef Action Dinner!


Today, I have an AMAZING birthday celebration to share with you that features, not only, The Oak Ridge Boys, but also our new favorite culinary "action" station - Chef's Dinners! These are Culinary Crafts’ showcase events where they get to bring all their skill and years of experience into play - and what a way to entertain your guests! In years past, chefs were allocated to the back of house and all the cooking kept out of sight, but at these events, the chefs are brought front and center in the middle of the formal dining room to create the entertainment for the evening.  So cool!  Check it out! UltimateChefDinner The amazing setting for this over-the-top birthday party! UltimateChefDinner2 This amazing evening began with signature cocktails: Pomtinis with Gingered Lemon Wheel and Phil Collins with Mint and Lime. So refreshing!  The fun high boys tables were adorned with cowboy boot arrangements, created by our friends at Scenemakers, and Culinary Crafts provided our great whiskey barrel bars to set the country ranch atmosphere. UltimateChefDinner3 Guests munched on retro appetizers that we set up in fun stations and also passed around to keep the guests mingling.  I love the miniture taco bites and the deviled eggs - YUM! UltimateChefDinner4 Next, the guests were invited to a private concert with The Oakridge Boys - yes, THE Oakridge Boys - and they put on a FANTASTIC show! UltimateChefDinner5 While the guests were enjoying the concert, all hands were on deck to ready the dining tent and set for the “Chef Showcase.”  Check out Mary and Marco taste testing the dishes to make sure that everything was coming together perfectly! UltimateChefDinner6 Not only are the guests going to be wow-ed by this culinary showcase, but check out this tent!  Amazing and beautifully adorned with florals by Scenemakers! UltimateChefDinner7 Check out our team starting to prepare the first course!  Each course was designed with maximum flare and fire to give plenty of action for guests to enjoy! UltimateChefDinner8 UltimateChefDinner9 Isn't this awesome?  Our very our Ryan Crafts was torching the Bistecca for all the guests to see!  Talk about a showstopper! UltimateChefDinner10 Just because our team is busy preparing the dishes center stage doesn't mean we stop giving the topmost attention to service of the guests!  The waiters loved taking the food right from the chef’s hand to the tables only a few feet away and we made sure each of them were kept fed and watered all night long! UltimateChefDinner11 Of course, we ended the meal with some FANTASTIC desserts including fresh peach cobbler a là mode which our very own Meagan Crafts is creating with that magnificent flambé display! UltimateChefDinner12 To end the evening, guests were invited back to the concert area to our signature gelato and dancing - an AWESOME end to one STELLAR birthday party!  Happy celebrating everyone! Check out more Salt Lake City, Park City, and Utah County catering at! Photos by Logan Walker, A Pepper Nix Photographer

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