March 23, 2011

Top 5 Tips for Creating A Dessert Table


I know all of you have heard about our love of Amy Atlas and dessert tables.  You probably also remember the posts we've done on our very our dessert tables.  Today, I thought it might be nice to share our Top 5 Tips for creating a STUNNING dessert table of your own!

Tip #1:

Choose a color scheme. Generally speaking, I would not recommend choosing more than 3 colors in your palette, UNLESS its a really whimsical event like a child's birthday party.  In that case, you could choose more than 3, but remember to keep the palette consistent no matter how many colors you choose.  That way, the table will have a cohesive visual impact that will look good on the whole, but also draw your guest's eyes to all of the goodies the table has to offer.

Tip #2:

Create visual levels. What this means is to use different heights to display the desserts on the table.  Try to make the heights varying so the lower elements are not being blocked by something just barely taller than it.  This creates windows of space so everything has a place and is equally visual weight. Try using different serving trays to help create the heights and also distinguish each dessert from one another.

Tip #3:

Customize your paper goods. A great detail to add to your table is personalized tags, signage, cupcake toppers, favor bags, etc.  This way you can tie in the theme of your wedding, along with the color scheme you've selected, and also let people know what it is that they are having the pleasure of eating!  One common mistake I see, however, is people using too big of favor bags.  I would suggest not using anything larger than a 4 oz container so that you have plenty of desserts and candy for everyone.  Also remember to keep your theme in mind.  If you are having an event with a really romantic feel, you probably wouldn't want to have a really whimsical decoration style on your table.

Tip #4:

Combine desserts AND candy. Remember, it always elevates your table to mix both candies with some really delicious desserts.  Maybe have some malted milk duds, m&ms, and then miniature chocolate cakes with dragees in your color.  Also, our macaroons are a wonderful idea because they come in virtually ever color.  So mix it up!  People will love the variation and it'll be even more special because of the confections you add.

Tip #5:

Always remember, less is more! I know there are endless lists of all of the sweet treats we would love, not to mention you can get in your colors.  But remember, when you start adding too much, the table will not have the visual impact you want and it will look cluttered.  Its always better to keep your design simple, clean, and uncluttered and you will have an amazing finished product!

If you'd like to have us help you create a truly wonderful dessert table of your own, you can always call us!  And don't forget to check out our page for more fabulous ideas and tips!

Photo credit: Logan Walker, ZumaPhoto

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