February 26, 2014

Trend Alert: Late Night Snacks


One of the new catering trends, which we here at Culinary Crafts love, is the late night snack!  It's such a great way to treat your guests as they dance and mingle into the wee hours, plus it makes for some really fun food options!  Plus, everyone loves an occasional late night snack.  Take a look! LateNightSnacks We love gourmet popcorn as a snack because it's fun and has ENDLESS flavor possibilities!  Plus who doesn't love popcorn? LateNightSnacks2 Nachos, chips n' salsa, and potato chips - a perfectly topped late night snack.  We especially love the chocolate dipped potato chips.  A delicious duo of salty and sweet! LateNightSnacks3 Another great option is the comfort foods!  From our chicken and waffles to mini grilled cheese, people will love these miniature versions of classics.  You can even pair the grilled cheese with tomato soup to add more delciousness! LateNightSnacks4 I love these mini hot dogs, kettle chips, french fries, and burger sliders.  People want to be able to grab their snack and keep on dancing, so these are perfect!  Plus, who hasn't craved a tasty burger and fries after some late night fun? LateNightSnacks5 Mini gourmet pizzas and tiny tacos are another great option for a grab and go snack!  Plus, think of the options!  Pizza toppings are limitless and the same for tacos - you can come up with some really great signature flavors to reflect the style of your event!  Yum! LateNightSnacks6 Don't forget the sweet snacks!  S'mores, chocolate dipped marshmallows, our house made donuts with house made gelato, milk and cookies, mini churros with dulce de leche...  Need I say more? LateNightSnacks7 I also love these festive milkshakes!  The really add to the party vibe and people will love have a cool treat - especially on those hot summer nights! As you can see, late night snacks are AWESOME!  And your guests will really appreciate the food pick-me-up as the night wears on.  We love these special bites for any event and love to see the creative and fun foods that are served!  Happy late night snacking, everyone! Check out more Salt Lake City, Utah County, and Park City catering at! Photos by Logan Walker, A Pepper Nix Photographer, Kelli Bramble Photography, and Angela Howard, A Pepper Nix Photographer

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