September 20, 2011

Trendy Tuesday: Custom Signage


Today on Trendy Tuesday, its all about custom signage!  I know I've expressed my love of it before, but we are DEFINITELY seeing this trend take hold and sweep across many events - from birthdays to corporate events and most of all - weddings!  Here are some of our favorite examples from Culinary Crafts events that we had a hand in coordinating, planning, and executing!!!

Images from Pepper Nix Photography

This wedding was chock full of fun details, but one of the best was their use of coordinating signage!  From the menu, to their photo booth logo, to the mix CDs they gave their guests, and the concert style posters boasting their event, they incorporated a strong style and carried it through the entire event!  I love it!  The menu is my favorite!  I always think its a nice touch to give your guests menus or post custom signage at the food stations so they know the delicious offerings there are!

Images provided by Logan Walker of ZumaPhoto

This event was full of style and 1920 speakeasy flair!  So we DEFINITELY had to make sure the signage kept that theme so the guests were totally immersed in the theme!  I think these signs did the trick, for sure!  From the font to the design, everything calls back to the prohibition era - from the DELICIOUS food to the gorgeous McCune Mansion!

Images provided by Logan Walker of ZumaPhoto

This lucky 8 year old celebrated her birthday with Ladybug style!  From the invitations to the candy table signage, there were polka dots galore!  I think the signs for the food definitely amplified the whimsy and fun of the event.  And the definitely made you remember you were partying among the Ladybugs!

Images provided by Pepper Nix Photography and  ZumaPhoto,

Ah, Mary and Rick's wedding day.  A day of true romance and elegance!  Adding to the beauty of the day were the elements of signage all throughout the event.  From the custom seating chart tags, the custom napkin name tags, and the custom menu - which all harked back to Mary and Ricks GORGEOUS invitations - the guests were impressed and well informed of all aspects of the event!  One of the best ways to tie your invitation back into your event is to make sure that the fonts, style, colors, and detailing are carried from that initial invite all the way through the custom signage of your event.  Your guests will love all the custom details and the tone you set with that invitation is sure to be felt throughout the main event!

Images provided by Logan Walker of ZumaPhoto

Lastly, this event had custom signage in spades!  The place cards, the napkin bands, the table numbers, and those high style signs on the bride and groom's chairs marking their newlywed status!  Such a gorgeous way of presenting guests with the information they need to find their seat and also make them feel special!  Not to mention, they definitely kept it consistent which made it tie in beautifully and only elevated the carefully crafted event.  BEAUTIFUL!

Custom signage is an excellent way to share information with your guests, keep your style present, and elevate your wedding beyond the norm.  One of the easiest ways to get custom signage is to work with your invitation designer to see if they would be willing to let you know the fonts they are using and the colors so that the signs match perfectly.  Some full service design studios may even be able to design the signage for you!  We here at Culinary Crafts love custom signage and love having our clients provide (or have us provide) signs for the stations, mocktail/cocktail bars, etc.  The food is such an important part that we love to showcase it with beautiful signs!  Culinary Crafts would LOVE to help you create custom signage as well and we also have a staff of AMAZING people who can plan and execute your event!  This way, the design and any custom signage you'd like will be expertly coordinated and laid out with the wonderful creators at Culinary Crafts!  I hope you are inspired to add signage throughout your event too!

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