May 8, 2009

Unique Wedding Favors


One of the most gracious gestures a bride can offer her guests is a parting wedding favor that says "Thank you for coming.  I'm grateful for your presence in my life ".  The most popular favors are the "Candy Station" and you can view our website for many of these great displays.  Another idea is an individually packaged treat in a box with your wedding colors and your monogram...very classy.  Or think of something unique to you and make a gift with the personal touch such as a CD with your favorite recipes or favorite music.  These are easy to customize with your photo on the CD and tied with a ribbon in your wedding colors. The best idea to come around this year is the "Donation Scroll".  This is a small custom scroll given to the guest thanking them for being part of your celebration and listing the charitable organization you donated to in lieu of a parting favor.  I love this idea, as the charitable organization can reflect your unique passion for a certain cause and even include a photo of the organization or your personal volunteer work.  What better way to begin a marriage union than committing to a life of service and giving.

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