December 19, 2012

Using Social Media At Your Wedding! | Wednesday Wisdom


With the popularity of social media, people are being even more connected and even more, well, social with each other.  Gone are the days when you had to wait until you saw your friends to tell them how awesome you thought that new movie was or how AMAZING that new restaurant was - now you can tell them, and any one else, immediately afterwards or even during your experience.  And it doesn't stop there!  Culinary Crafts is LOVING the way these modern couples are incorporating their guests experiences of your wedding day through the use of social media.  Check out this beautiful Rockabilly wedding held at the Victory Ranch, where they definitely used social media to capture memories of the day! Love the special touch of incorporating the Johnson name with the florals "Johnson Gasolene" vintage style tin cans! One of my favorite new trends is the lit-up sign!  This "LOVE" sign is a show-stopping element that set the outdoor ceremony off! Love the bling!  So fun!!! This wedding's look and over-the-top details were all designed by the talented bride - Lyndsay Marie, Bound by Marketing - how AWESOME is that? I'm sure the guests couldn't resist sharing photos of this DELICIOUS family-style dinner that Culinary Crafts created for this over-the-top wedding!  Don't you LOVE the cute flags in the sliders too?  So many yummy choices! We love our clients and love that Holly is having a blast with the bride, Lyndsay! What a stunning wedding and the Victory Ranch was an exquisite and picturesque setting, for sure!  Whether you check-in to the event on Facebook and everyone shares their own stories and photos and messages, or everyone attaches a #mywedding to their Twitter feed to engage in an ever evolving conversation and photo sharing thread, or they create an online and immediate digital photo album with everyone on your own Instagram channel - social media is making memories to be shared by you and your honey (and everyone who was present).  This is a completely different way to document and invite your guests to be a part of your day - and we love it!  Definitely think of the ways you can incorporate this to your big day - it'll create some fantastic memories and even more photos to share you wouldn't have had otherwise!  Happy planning everyone! Check out more on Salt Lake City, Park City, and Utah County catering on our website at Photo by Keith Westerberg

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