June 22, 2012

Utah Pistachios | Favorite Finds Friday


Did you know Utah is home to many OUTSTANDING foods?  If you know anything about Culinary Crafts, you know our love of using the freshest local products !  Our very own Mary Crafts-Homer thought she knew all of the local foods that Utah had to offer, but was pleasantly surprised to find another fantastic local product we can use in our menus!  Did you know we have a pistachio orchard right here in Utah?  That's right!  Red Rock Ranch Pistachio Orchards are located in southern Utah and are the cultivators and growers of some truly delectable pistachios!  We are so excited to have found them and I know Mary is looking forward to creating many new and delicious menu items with these pistachios!  You can pick some up on their website here or at your local Harmon's.  Enjoy! Check out our website at! Photos via Red Rock Ranch Pistachio Orchards

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