August 3, 2012

Vendor Spotlight: In The Event | Favorite Finds Friday


Today, I'd like to share one of Culinary Crafts's newest favorite vendors, In the EventIn The Event is a super high end, technologically wow-ing event rental company with custom rentals for the most over the top dreamer!  Ali Dempsy from In The Event says this about the company, "In The Event is a full service event design company providing the ultimate in products and services to our clients throughout the U.S.  We are the only wireless LED decor house in the Utah area, specializing in modular LED furniture, modular tables, bars, cubes, walls, towers, and dance floors.  We pride ourselves on bringing innovative event design and decor to the Utah area.  With an emphasis in corporate events, we manufacture many items in house to offer our clients custom products and design that will keep company events exciting and new each year."  That doesn't mean that weddings can't use them for an over the top club feel, or a super AMAZING LED dance floor, or even a snazzy lounge area with your custom monogram to toast the newlyweds!  Here are just a few of the AWESOME events to showcase the great stuff the do. ' The also have a guarantee that every event is 100% unique, meaning that they never duplicated and get creative with their offerings to make sure your event is 100 % yours and totally tailored to you!  PLUS, they are GREEN!  We love our partners in enviromental stewardship, as if we did think they were the bee's knees anyhow!  This company is definitely a must for the event that needs something a little bit over the top and out of this world, plus they are super nice!  If you are planning an event, definitely check them out!  Happy planning everyone! Check out our website at! Images provided by In The Event

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