March 21, 2011

Vendor Spotlight: Johnson Mill


I have a truly spectacular venue to share with you today: Johnson Mill.  You may remember an event we showcased there that I posted about (you can refresh your memory here) but I thought we really didn't do enough justice to its beauty and gorgeousness!

It is more than just a mere venue, however...  It is also a stunning bed and breakfast with all of the outdoor activities and romantic amenities you could ever imagine.  In fact, Redbook magazine voted Johnson Mill "One of America's Four Most Romantic Inns".  A very well-deserved nod to them in my opinion.

And, not only can you reserve the inn's grounds for your event, you can actually reserve the grounds AND accommodations for your guests!  This place is seriously the best for destination weddings or for those or you who have out of town guests.

I am totally enthralled with the natural beauty, elegance, and stunning offerings that Johnson Mill provides.  We definitely hope to do more events there this year!  I hope this helps all of you out there still struggling to find a venue.  Not to mention, what a perfect place to spend a honeymoon!!!

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Photo credits: Courtesy of Johnson Mill and last frame From Logan Walker of ZumaPhoto

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