May 28, 2013

Vendor Spotlight: Metro Music Club


As wedding season ramps up, we are starting to get many brides asking for suggestions of great vendors to hire that we at Culinary Crafts LOVE working with.  Well, when it comes to music at the event, there are two distinct camps on the matter - live band or DJ?  It all comes down to personal preference, really.  But if you are looking for a live band - definitely check out Metro Music Club!  We love their energy and AMAZING talent they offer! We've been fans of Joslyn (one of the vocal powerhouses of MMC) for a LONG time. In fact, our very own Mary Crafts-Homer would have no other set of pipes but Joslyn's at her son Kaleb Crafts's wedding! She is seriously fabulous and we were blown away by Metro Music Club's promo video and think that they would be a great addition to any event!  Definitely check it out!  Happy listening everyone! Check out more on Salt Lake City, Utah County, and Park City catering at!

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