August 1, 2011

Vendor Spotlight: Pink Piggy Design, PixelWhipped, and Swanovation!


All of the vendors who participated in Mary & Rick's wedding were simply wonderful!  Today, I'd like to focus on how to take your wedding up a notch with a few easy tips and also show you a couple of vendors who helped Mary and Rick do just that!  Adding ice sculptures and custom signage are simple, yet effective details that add panache to any event.  Check it out!

Take a look at these ice sculpture from the ever fantastic Swanovations Custom Ice Sculptures.  You might remember, we've spotlit them before here.  We couldn't help but showcase them again, this time with the gorgeous pieces that were at Mary and Rick's wedding reception!  Ice sculptures are a fabulous way to create visual interest and focal pieces at your event!  Plus, the can do double duty by being floral containers too!  So beautiful!

Now, we come to these beautiful paper pieces from the wonderful Pink Piggy Design.   Not only did they make the seating chart concept look sophisticated and polished by designing these AWESOME seating tags, but they made every guest feel special by creating a personalized tags that was at each guest's seat.  Many people don't think about adding these details, but they really go a long way making you event look, and feel, refined.  Be aware, however, that it is always a good idea to work with a professional, like Pink Piggy Design, to make the finished product look AMAZING!  They know the best papers, sizes, and design that will really tie your event together.  Plus, they take care of the hassle for you, so you can relax and plan you event!

Lastly, we come to the beautiful food signage from PixelWhippedPixelWhipped created GORGEOUS custom signage for both the rehearsal dinner and the reception.  These pieces not only made the guests aware of the delectable offerings at each event, but they were a fun way to create messages for the guests and tied in perfectly to each event's design and feel.  Signage like this is another way to kick your event up a notch and make it feel TOTALLY high end!

Thank you SO much to Swanovation Custom Ice Sculptures, Pink Piggy Design, and PixelWhipped for your BEAUTIFUL contributions to Mary and Rick's wedding weekend!  You are amazing!  And remember, adding ice sculptures and paper pieces are an excellent way of taking your event to the next level!

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Photographs provided by Pepper Nix Photography and ZumaPhoto

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