August 2, 2011

Vendor Spotlight: Red Cliff Ranch


Yesterday, we spotlit some of the fantastic vendors who really helped raise the elegance of Mary and Rick's wedding to the next level using ice sculptures and customized paper details.  Today, we'd like to focus on another extremely crucial element of any wedding ceremony or reception: the venue.  The venue is the canvas for the entire event and will ultimately set the tone for your event as well.  Generally speaking, you should pick a venue that works with the style you are envisioning or pick a venue and style your event around it.  If you fight the style of the venue, you run the risk of losing the cohesive design you've worked so hard to achieve.  Mary, for example, saw her ceremony as a rustic, romantic, and intimate affair with an English Riding design.  What a better venue than a exquisite ranch with GORGEOUS mountain views, such as Red Cliff Ranch!  Here are some pictures to refresh your memory!

What a fantastic setting!  Our deepest thanks to Red Cliff Ranch for participating in Mary and Rick's wedding day!  It was a truly stunning event that became so much more just by having this FABULOUS venue.  Not to mention, working with the staff at the Ranch was an absolute dream.  Remember, venue selection is one of the details that is extremely important for setting your event's tone.  And if you want a rustic, romantic, and drop dead GORGEOUS venue,  check out Red Cliff Ranch!

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Photographs provided by Pepper Nix Photography and ZumaPhoto

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