September 10, 2010

Vendor Spotlight: ZumaPhoto


Today, I would like to spotlight one of our favorite vendors, ZumaPhoto!  Not only are they a team of extraordinary photographers, but they are pretty darn awesome people.  Here's a couple words from Mitchell Burt, the head of these phenomenal artists.

"ZumaPhoto is a collective of three highly experienced photographers with three distinct styles and one shared passion for telling stories. Specifically, stories about relationships. Sure we make cool/edgy/hip images, but we feel that a photo can and should do something more than just record what you look like - it should say something about who you are. To do this, we look for natural, dynamic, and genuine moments that happen of their own accord. Sometimes this means a purely photojournalistic approach, and other times a more interactive and playful session to find the best you there is! Whatever the approach, the one thing that we will never do is to contort you into cheezy poses or turn you into something that you are not. We are looking for those moments when you reveal who you really are."   ---Verbiage taken from ZumaPhoto's website

Take a look at just a small selection of the fantastic work ZumaPhoto has to offer!

Simply stunning!  If you want amazing photographers that can capture the essence of your event these are definitely the people you want to call!  Check them out at

Ever wonder who takes some of the gorgeous photographs on our website?  Well, ZumaPhoto of course!  Check out some events that they've photographed for us at!

Photo credits: Mitchell Burt, Ryan Galbraith, and Logan Walker of ZumaPhoto

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