May 22, 2014

Venue Love: Rice Eccles Stadium


Today, I'd like to share a little love for one of Culinary Crafts's FAVORITE venues: Rice Eccles Stadium!  Recently, we had the honor of catering the Jet Blue "Inspiring Humanity" Gala at this stunning locale and we were reminded just how beautiful this space is!  With floor to ceiling windows to the west and a two tiered layout, this place is sure to appeal to anyone.  Check it out! RiceEccles_JetBlue Rice Eccles Stadium is located in the heart of the University of Utah campus and, man, is it a pretty building! RiceEccles_JetBlue2 This is one of the fantastic views out of those floor to ceiling east windows.  Pretty awesome, isn't it? RiceEccles_JetBlue3 On the east side of the space, you get a great view of the actual stadium, which Jet Blue used to showcase their US hub map for the occasion.  The guests LOVED it! RiceEccles_JetBlue4 And, not to be outdone by the west side's views, the east side windows that overlook the stadium still boast some AMAZING views of the mountains and campus too! RiceEccles_JetBlue5 This is the mezzanine level of the space which is PERFECT for cocktail hours before a reception, or in this case, the plated dinner and award ceremony.  Added bonus?  The guests had a great time watching the main floor transform and get the final touches before the main event - which definitely increased the sense of excitement! RiceEccles_JetBlue6 And here is the main space!  Pretty stunning, right?  I LOVE the high ceilings, the cool white walls, and the sense of grandeur that you get when you stand in this space.  Plus, the white walls are just begging to be transformed into your personal vision!  Whether is be a super chic, modern award gala or a vintage, elegant reception - any look is completely at home here. RiceEccles_JetBlue7 RiceEccles_JetBlue8 I love how many long tables we got to use at this event - with plenty of room to spare! RiceEccles_JetBlue9 As the sun began to set, they brought up the shades over the windows and it made for a pretty spectacular backdrop as the awards were handed out! RiceEccles_JetBlue10 We LOVE, LOVE, LOVE how this event turned out and Rice Eccles was the PERFECT venue!  I'm sure you are all wondering where the details of the event are, but don't worry!  We'll be bringing you more from this AMAZING awards ceremony soon, so you'll get to see all the awesomeness from that night!  Stay tuned, everyone! Check out more Salt Lake City, Park City, and Utah County catering at! First two photos by Pepper Nix Photography and all other photos by Angela Howard Photography, A Pepper Nix Photographer

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