June 12, 2013

Wedding Favor Finds


As we at Culinary Crafts head gleefully into wedding season, I am always looking for new and different details to share with our brides (and grooms!) to be!  Today, I want to share some of my favorite favors that I've seen recently and I definitely think these are an AMAZING addition to any event.  Not only are they fun, but they let your guests know that they are near and dear to you and you really appreciate them being there!  Without further ado, the favors! Favors Sometimes, its ALL about packaging.  Whether you are giving cookies, chocolates, a magnet, or anything in between - a beautiful box or stunning swag bag is just a good call.  I love the impact of the presentation that each of these favors make and I don't even care what's inside, even though I'm sure its equally AWESOME! Favors2 Being that we are caterers, I gotta give a shout out to food-centric favors.  I think most people love getting a sweet treat or tasty morsel that they can take with them to enjoy later and reminisce about good times.  Whether its a simple, yet striking, kraft bag of ripened strawberries or a deconstructed s'mores favor - people will not be disappointed! Favors3 Another favorite type of favor are the eco-friendly or plant based variety.  I love the idea of giving your guests flower seeds or a starter plant that they can grow to beautify their homes!  I also love a pretty sachet of dried lavender that they can use to scent their homes or decorate it that will create a calming and beautiful space. Favors4 Last but not least, these favors are form and function!  A piece of framed art, a beer koozie, or an embroidered blanket are all useable items - but still will remind your guests of your love for them every time they glance at the illustration on their wall, keep their frosty beverage cold, or snuggle up in their comfy blanket.  Definitely a great idea! Remember, favors are another great way to incorporate you and your honey's personalities into your day - and share a part of your story with your guests.  A simple token is a brilliant way to show your love, gratitude, and appreciation for the people who are so important in your lives.  Happy planning everyone! Check out more Salt Lake City, Park City, and Utah County catering at! Pretty Packaging Favors: Wooden Box via Merry Brides, Cookie Box via Culinary Crafts, and Burlap Sachet via Burnett's Boards; Food Favors: Honey Favors via Something Borrowed Portland, Fresh Strawberries Favors via SimpleRegistry, Macaron Favor via Culinary Crafts, and S'mores Favor via Evermine; Eco-Friendly Favors: Seed Matchbooks via Repinly, Lavender Sachet via Culinary Crafts, Succulent Favors via Culinary Crafts, and Mini Terrariums via Garden Therapy; Form & Function Favors: Framed Art Favors via Elizabeth Anne Designs, Beer Koozie via Culinary Crafts, Embroidered Blanket via Culinary Crafts

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