March 13, 2012

Wedding Planning on the Internet | Trendy Tuesday


As I'm sure ALL of you know, the internet is an amazing and viable source for many aspects of planning your wedding.  From hunting down your dream dress to selecting the best local caterer (we know one, if you are looking!), the internet has it all - and WAY more.  We at Culinary Crafts see first hand how easy it is for our brides to get overwhelmed with the downright massive amounts of information that are available to them and how it can make the process of planning that much harder.  Here are some tips we've come up with to help navigate the process! 1.  Pick a style/theme/color palette - and stick to it.  Now, I know that you'll use the internet to look at many possibilities as to the colors you may want or the theme you are going for and there will be a whole list of options you'll be narrowing down.  Once you and your honey hone in on the one you love (and keep going back to) stick with it.  It's really easy, however, to be tempted to change your wedding's direction over and over again.  Especially if you are visiting blogs that show the creme de le creme of any and all color palettes and styles!  But changing it again and again will only add stress and overwhelming options to you (and most of the time we see bride's returning to that first color palette or theme they selected because they really did fall in love with it in the first place!) 2.  Identify what's important.  Now that you are armed with the direction you are headed in, identify what's important to you both as a couple for your wedding.  Have you always wanted a kick-butt DJ to rock the night away or and intimate dinner with delicious food pairings (definitely talk to us at Culinary Crafts for this one!), or is it all in the details?  Make a list of the 'must haves' and the 'nice to haves' (and even the 'it would be cool, but I don't have to have its').  This is also a really good time to outline a budget and figure out what money you'd like to be spent on which things.  Starting with the must haves and working down your list will simplify and direct your searches so you aren't wandering the internet becoming enthralled with the latest and greatest trends - although, its nice to visit that side every once in a while, you know, for 'research'.  :) 3.Do your research!  It's all to easy to be taken by the 'best' deal or a price that's too good to be true - and since its on the internet, you are only seeing pictures and the company's boast that they are THE best.  It's time for research.  You want to make sure your monies go to a product that you will love and will be exactly what you are expecting (or more!).  So take the time to read the company's return policies and satisfaction guarantee (if there is one).  Read the fine print that may or may not say 'item pictured may or may not be exactly what you are sent' and decide if that's okay.  If you are needing to have it shipped, read the shipping times and cost and make sure it'll get to you on time.  And most importantly (especially for vendors), read customer reviews!!!  Make sure that you don't see a trend of unhappy clients who mention the same problem time and time again.  Make sure you do your homework and you'll (hopefully) safe guard yourself.  (On a side note, Wedding Wire is a great resource to see local wedding vendors's reviews and here is Culinary Crafts, if you are so inclined!) 4. Have fun!  Remember, planning your wedding should be fun.  You are embarking on a very special and wonderful event in life and your wedding day is the start of that time together.  It will go by so fast and so you should enjoy the planning and time you put into it beforehand had and then really relish the moments during the day of your wedding!  Also, having an awesome caterer, like Culinary Crafts, can help you select the best vendors and also help you coordinate your wedding details to help alleviate some stress, just sayin'! :)  Happy planning everyone! Check out our NEW website at! Photo credit: Forbes

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