May 30, 2013

Wedding Traditions: Stellar Send Off Ideas!


Many brides love the idea of a send off to end their wedding day in a fun and creative way.  This allows for the couple to add a fun detail to their wedding that will surely be a great photo op, but also lets all the guests get involved in the festivities and send their well wishes to the couple too!  We at Culinary Crafts have seen many a send off, from the traditional stand-bys like sparklers and flower petals to something a little but different like glow sticks and fireworks!  Check out some of our favorites! sendoff The sparkler send off is an AWESOME traditional sendoff.  It sticks around because its fun, festive and who doesn't love sparklers?  Be aware that some places don't allow sparklers though,  but never fear!  There are TONS of other great options! sendoff2 The lavender toss is one of my new favorites!  A much better alternative to rice (it won't harm birds, for one!) - it smells wonderful and the color is gorgeous.  Perfect for a natural, green, or rustic wedding! 1120-2949PN     A fireworks display is DEFINITELY for the couple who aren't afraid to pack a punch!  This dramatic and awe-inspiring finale is a SHOWSTOPPER!  Perfect for our very own Mary Crafts-Homer's three-day wedding weekend sendoff! sendoff3 sendoff4 We love the neon brightness of the glow stick sendoff.  Whether waving or tossing them, the pictures are fun and SUPER colorful!  Definitely a great option for a whimsical wedding! sendoff5 The bubble send off is another traditional choice, but we love how fun they are!  Guests are always more than happy to join in - plus the bubbles can double as a wedding favor! sendoff6 Noisemakers are a good choice for December/January weddings - very New Year's Eve-esque - but really, it could be any time.  Use kazoos, blowouts, or even harmonicas - its a great way to keep the party going and keeps the energy level high. sendoff7 The confetti/ticker-tape send off is one of my favorites.  It always creates the most amazingly, colorful photos!  Just be aware that it does require clean up, so you want to make sure you let your venue know! sendoff8 The ribbon wand is relatively new one idea, but I love it!  Especially for feminine, romantic weddings!  It would work well with whimisical, rustic,or bohemian weddings too though! I hope this inspires you to add one of these great send off ideas to your wedding - or create your own!  Remember, its your day, so make it special and personal to you and your partner!  Happy planning everyone! Check out more Salt Lake City, Utah County, and Park City catering ideas at! Sparkler Send Off by Logan Walker, A Pepper Nix Photographer; Lavender Sendoff  by Nancy Gould; Fireworks Send Off by Pepper Nix Photography; Glow Stick Send Off by Pearl Events Austin; Glow Stick Toss via Katelyn James Photography; Bubbles Send Off by Logan Walker, A Pepper Nix Photographer; Noise Maker Send Off by Pepper Nix Photography; Confetti Send Off via Style Me Pretty; Ribbon Wand Send Off via Manette Gracie Events    

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