March 26, 2012

Wedding Vendor Tipping Cheat Sheet | Monday Musings


Today, I am happy to have Miss Holly Fowler, Culinary Crafts's wedding planner extraordinaire, sharing some really great advice for tipping your wedding vendors!  Many people are often confused or unsure of how to, when to, and if you should tip your vendors.  It has long been customary to tip your vendors as a way of showing them that you appreciate the fantastic job they have done for you, but Holly breaks it down so you can easily figure out how to do it!  Take it away, Holly! Wedding Vendors: Tipping Cheat Sheet When you’re already dipping deep into your (or your parent’s) pockets for so many wedding expenses, shelling out gratuities on top of that can be hard to handle. Tipping is another way of saying “THANK YOU” to those vendors who have helped you create your special day. Tip vendors who have offered exceptional service; thank-you notes are always appreciated; and assign the responsibility to a trusted individual, such as your wedding planner, a parent or the best man. Here is a breakdown of what’s customary for each vendor. Wedding Planner Protocol: Optional The Standard: Up to $500.00, or a nice gift When to tip: The bride should hand off the envelope at the end of the reception, or, she should send a thank-you note with photos or a check after the honeymoon. Wedding Hair Stylist and Makeup- Artist Tip between 15-20% just as you would in a hair-salon. Wedding Delivery and Set-up Staff Slip a few dollars to anyone delivering important items to the site (wedding cake, flowers, tents, chairs, etc.) The Standard: $5- $10 per person Wedding Photographer You’re not expected to give your shutterbugs beyond their normal fees.  Yet if the photographer doesn’t own the studio, consider tipping each person. The Standard: $50 - $200 per person When to tip: At the end of the reception Wedding Musicians Protocol: Optional, yet preferred The Standard: $20 - $25 per musician; $50 – $150 for DJs When to tip: At the end of the reception Wedding Transportation Check your contract, as gratuity is usually included. If it isn’t, then: Protocol: Expected The Standard: 15-20 percent of the bill When to tip: At the end of the night or after the last ride. Congratulations to you Brides and Happy Planning! Thank you, Holly!  Such great advice and such an important and appreciated gift to people who helped make your wedding AMAZING!  It is important to note that every bride is different and may have more or less people involved to make her day special.  Just remember tipping is a way to show thanks to the people who made your day great!  And as Holly said, Happy Planning everyone and congrats! Check out our NEW website at!

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