November 2, 2011

Wednesday Wisdom: Spotlight on Distinctive Inscriptions Calligraphy


Today I'd like to share one of our favorite (and brand new!) vendors with you!  Its none other than Distinctive Inscriptions Calligraphy!  The owner, Ashantai, is a master of his craft and we are so excited that he has added such panache to the Utah wedding market!  He has kindly shared some photos and a bio with us so check it out!

"Three years ago, a co-worker, upon noticing my handwriting in my laboratory notebook (I moonlight as a chemist) commented: 'Did you write that? Wow, man, that’s pretty cool! You should do calligraphy. People do wedding invitations and envelopes using calligraphy.'  Initially, I thought little of this.  Then on a whim I bought a calligraphy pen: 'Let’s see where this goes…' I thought. I found I liked it. A lot. Like, a whooolllleeee lot!   When I recognized I was developing an enduring passion for calligraphy, I bought a book for instruction and contacted professional calligraphers for advice and help. One, Michele Papineau, responded in kind.  She has since become my mentor and a friend. My start to my calligraphy passion in a nutshell.

Since then my passion for calligraphy has literally flourished. I am thrilled to write names and quotes in exquisite lettering styles and fanciful flourishes. While it brings me great joy to me to hand letter in any manner, I am thrilled to do both place cards and envelopes. I believe the place card puts one’s name on the marquee. Lauren Brady of The Write Image stated, 'Invitations tell a story — the moment the envelope is opened guests know what type of wedding they will be attending.' I agree.  Since the invitation tells the story, calligraphy presents exquisite opening scenery, the prelude to an enchanting and intimate engagement. I believe my calligraphy provides that very scenery!

Fonts and flourishes, pens and ink, and styles and swirls enrapture me!  I have developed an exquisite love affair with my calligraphy pens, creating art in a variety of styles, from the whimsical to the formal to the fancy flourish. All of my lettering styles are done by hand with brass dip nibs and ink or water-based pigments such as gouache. I produce quality work and take pride in my keen sense of attention to detail, engaging my clients to encompass their vision.  It is pleasing to receive compliments on my work. Most rewarding, however, is to see the ebullience and scintillating effervescence on the faces of clients when they receive their completed works of art.  As one client stated to me: 'My guests are saving their envelopes.  They are so beautiful!'  I responded in kind, 'That’s exactly what I want.  Enthralling impressions, Enchanting memories.' My desire is to create the same impression for you, enhancing your intimate engagement with works of art and enchanting your guests.  I would be thrilled to do so.


Ever notice how ‘What the Hell?’ is always the right answer?' -Marilyn Monroe"

Thank you so much Ashantai for sharing you talent, works, and a little bit about you with us!  Calligraphy is such a great detail to set your event apart and really elevate the look and feel of everything from the invitations to the place cards!  We hope this inspires you to check out Distinctive Inscriptions Calligraphy!

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