October 19, 2011

Wednesday Wisdom: Top 5 Tips on Selecting Your Bridal Gown


We have a special treat for all of you today!  Hilary Anderson, from Alta MODA and Lily & Iris, is our guest blogger today and has written a FABULOUS guest post on something I'm sure is a pretty big deal for most brides:  Finding the PERFECT wedding dress!  You may remember that Hilary helped our very own Mary Crafts-Homer find her perfect gown!  She is amazing and definitely has some excellent tips for everyone! Take it away Hilary!

"Top 5 Tips for Finding Your Wedding Dress 1. Time can be on your side: Engaged? About to be? Start your shopping! Special order gowns take an average of 4 months to create and another 2 months to alter.  Many options are available for quicker delivery, but time is your friend.  You can save money (and stress) by ordering early. 2. Know Your Budget: Bridal gowns, like so many other elements of your wedding, come in a vast range of prices. It is important to have a general gown budget before you go dress shopping. Having an idea of what you can spend will help keep you from having your heart broken. 3. Your Near and Dear: You'll have so many people wanting to celebrate your joy and join in your planning. However, for your gown appointment, consider bringing along only one or two of your most supportive confidants. More opinions can hinder the process and, inadvertently, hurt feelings. There are plenty of other ways of having them take part after the gown is found. 4. Plan Your Outings: It is a good idea to call ahead and make appointments at the boutiques you're visiting.  This can be a big time saver and insure better, more personal service.  Also, you’ll have first run at all the gowns! 5. Bring an Open Mind: Try on a gown or two outside of the box (we call them the “wild card” dresses).  You never know what you’ll find from trying something new. It may either show you the path to the perfect ensemble or reassure your current opinion. And, much like your man, it may not be what you expected, but you'll know it's right when you see it."

Thank you SO much for your wisdom, Hilary!  And, by the way, if you would like to go see any of the dresses pictured above, they are at Alta MODAAlta MODA has some of the most jaw-droppingly GORGEOUS dresses anywhere, so you should check them out!  Happy shopping!

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