October 5, 2011

Wednesday Wisdom: Winter Flower Ideas


Today on Wednesday Wisdom, we have a guest blogger!  Sarah Winward of Honey of a Thousand Flowers kindly lent her AMAZING expertise to us today!  I am so excited!  And, because winter weddings are gearing up very soon, I asked her for some floral ideas for winter that are exquisite as well as in season.  Check it out!

"Everyone loves peeling apart a juicy Clementine orange when they are at their peak in the winter months.  I value using a product at its natural peak season, and as a florist, that is very important!  Citrus can be enjoyed in the winter months not only by incorporating it  into your menu, but I say put it in your wedding décor too! Citrus fruit of all types are available to florists on the stem through the winter.  It is a great unexpected element to make winter weddings feel fun.   I talk to a lot of winter brides who wish they were getting married in the summer because they like the natural looking weddings.  To try and make their wedding feel like summer they feel like they need to steer clear of any flowers that even hint at winter.  I think that is a myth.  Evergreens and winter flowers can still feel fun and light-hearted like a summer weddings when you use them the right way.  I say embrace the season! A cozy winter wedding with intimate lighting and rich fabrics can still be fun when you incorporate the right colors and textures into your flowers.  Citrus is a great unexpected way to add some personality to your flowers.  Small oranges, lemons, kumquats, and limes are available on the stem and can be easily incorporated into any floral arrangement.  

There are plenty of evergreen foliages that will feel season appropriate, but don’t say “Christmas”.  Many have wonderful textures and colors.  One of my favorites used in the arrangement in the inspiration board is blue cypress.   Other flowers that are available in winter that are on the inspiration board and come in several colors are amaryllis, anemone, and ranunculus.  These are flowers that are sought-after by summer brides but are not often available because they don’t do well in the heat.  Only the lucky winter brides get them! "

Thank you Sarah and I LOVE LOVE LOVE the idea of using citrus in a winter wedding!  What an unexpected (and fun!) element to set your event apart.  I especially love the idea of further incorporating the citrus into your menu!  Happy planning, readers!  For more about Sarah and Honey of a Thousand Flowers, go to!

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Clementines, chandelier, and string lights photos: abby trys again photos of floral arrangements: Sarah Winward, Honey of a Thousand Flowers

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