July 23, 2012

What I’ve Learned At Culinary Crafts | Monday Musings


Our wedding planner extraordinaire, Miss Holly Fowler, who has been with us only 8 months - but is already very much a part of the family - sent over this list and I couldn't resist sharing it with all of you!  Take it away, Holly! THE TOP 10 THINGS I HAVE LEARNED IN THE LAST 8 MONTHS AND WHY I LOVE CULINARY CRAFTS. 1. Catering is a lot of long hours and hard work. 2. The Culinary Crafts Team is a big happy and supportive family. 3. Catering is so much more than long buffets and chaffing dishes. 4. Lunch time is awesome - Thanks kitchen staff for the good laughs and good food. 5. The client comes first, ALWAYS! 6. There are some amazing venues and vendors is this valley.  I have enjoyed touring and meeting everyone, without their support our job would be very challenging. 7. MY favorite thing to eat – Orange Rolls fresh out of the oven.  YUM! 8. Culinary Crafts support FRESH AND LOCAL!!! 9. Culinary Crafts will and does think outside of the box to meet the clients idea and expectations for their event. 10. Mary is simply AMAZING! Thanks for starting Culinary Crafts 27 years ago and allowing me the opportunity to join in the fun. One last thing I'd love to share is this quote, which I think is perfect for Culinary Crafts: “A good dinner is of great importance to good talk.  One cannot think well, love well, sleep well, if one has not dined well.” Thank you so much for sharing your insider's view with us, Holly!  We love to call you part of the Culinary Crafts team!  Have a happy Pioneer Day, tomorrow everyone!  We'll be back with more fantastic posts on Wednesday! Check out our website at! Photos by Logan Walker and Pepper Nix Photography

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