May 11, 2012

Whiskey Barrel Love | Favorite Finds Friday


We here at Culinary Crafts recently came into some old, rustic whiskey barrels (i.e. we saw them, fell in love, and HAD to have them) and we are SO excited to start using them for our weddings this year!  From dessert and cake displays, to buffet stations, to lemonade stands and favor tables - whiskey barrels find a home and purpose for so many things.  Plus, they are just beautiful!  I love the texture, the look, and the vibe you get from something with a story and a past.  Not all shiny and new, these whiskey barrels have the look of time about them, and it is SO good.  We are so looking forward to incorporating them into our event, but in the meantime, here are some of our ideas and visions for all the thigs we can (and will!) do with our newly procured barrels!  Take a look! Stunning, right?  And perfect for a rustic and romantic wedding in a mountain setting, if you don't mind me saying!  Happy weekend everyone and look forward to seeing our barrels make appearances in Culinary Crafts events soon!!! Check out our website at! Photo credits - Board 1 (Clockwise, from top left): Sara & Mallary Photography, Tonya Joy, Rustic Wedding Chic, and Loverly;  Board 2 (from left): Heidi Claire and Style Me Pretty;  Board 3 (clockwise, from left): Style Me Pretty, Pen n' Paper Flowers, and Inspired Bride

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