July 10, 2012

You Scream, We Scream, All Scream For Ice Cream! | Trendy Tuesday


As the days soar into higher and higher temperatures, we at Culinary Crafts welcome this ever growing trend of everything ice cream!  For summer events, we have long seen people thinking of this sweet treat to help their guests cool down a bit, but recently we have really loved seeing this trend explode and bring in some truly fun and creative innovations and new pairings!  We love serving our house made gelato in our mobile cold case and providing a toppings bar or serving cones in our ice cream tutu!  Even beyond that though, we love that people are requesting over the top, old fashioned ice cream sodas, brownie souffles à la mode, the ring of fire donut à la mode action station, and, YES, our new found favorite - PRETZEL CONES.  Oh my goodness!  Pair that with our DIVINE caramel gelato and I am in heaven!!!  Happy weekend everyone! Check out our website at! Brownie image via Naminha Panela, Pretzel Cone image via Edible Crafts, all other images from Keith Westerberg, Logan Walker of Pepper Nix Photography, and Pepper Nix of Pepper Nix Photography

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